Interesting Poker Variants You May Not Have Heard of

Weird Poker Games For Poker Veterans Looking For Something New To Spice Up Their Game Play

Besides the most popular poker variants like Texas Holdem, Omaha, and seven-card stud, some other weird poker games can amaze you. Some of them have been discussed in this article.

The New and Improved Texas Holdem

Multi-Hole Holdem is the new-and-improved Texas Holdem

Imagine if Omaha Holdem was an improvement over the Texas Holdem, then how much better six, seven, or eight card Holdem must be. These crazy but improved variants of Holdem’s new version is built up modifications. Roll a card and pick a number. This is up to you the more cards, the better the hands and guess what? The crazier the action! You have the choice to use any number of your hole cards to make your hand.

This Poker Variant Has a Set of Odd Rules: Pineapple

This variant has a tropical twist on traditional Texas Holdem and is loved by many due to its odd rules. It is different from Holdem for a small difference: every player is dealt hole cards in place of just two. The first round of betting begins when players discard one of the three-hole cards and then everything else proceeds like a Holdem game. There are different further variations in Pineapple. It’s a great way to play poker. 

What’s so special about Pineapple? The extra card and discard element creates an extra twist. It’s enough to drive you crazy!

The Three-Card Poker

Three Card Brag a.k.a Teen Patti

Three card brag is a classic casino poker game which is also known as ‘Teen Patti’. In this variant, the betting system is brutal and that’s why it is popular in weird poker games. It just spices up regular poker games. Three card brag earned a lot of cool when it was featured in a pre-Madonna Guy Ritchie movie. 

How is the game played? Three cards are dealt face down to each player resulting in a different set of hand rankings as compared to five-card poker. Then the players have the option to play blind. If someone chooses to play blind, he will have to pay half the amount of an open hand. 

Then comes the betting. The brutal part of three-card brag is if you want to close the betting, you need ‘to pay to see’. This results in doubling the bet of your opponent. If you don’t pay to see, then betting simply continues. So if the starting bet is $20 and no one raises, folds, or pay to see, then every player keeps putting in $20 or $10 if they are playing blind until they run out of money and are compelled to fold. 

Since the standard way of this type of poker is that a raise doubles the bet, this variant escalates much quicker than other types. This can lead a penny-ante game into a real estate transaction in a pretty short time!

Another great feature of three-card brag is that the cards are only shuffled when someone gets three of a kind. This means if you can keep track of the deal, your memory becomes a key asset in this type of poker.